Corps/Quartet/Band Registration

No person shall be allowed to compete in a Drum Corps, Pipe Quartet, Pipe Band or Dance Corps if not registered therein.

Registration shall be submitted to the Event Organizer and the Association Representative at least one month prior to any competitive event. Additions after this deadline are subject to the Association Representative's discretion.

Performers may be registered per event in at the most one Drum Corps, one Pipe Quartet, one Pipe Band and one Dance Corps. The only exception to this rule applies for performers playing multiple instruments (i.e. piper, snare drummer, tenor drummer, bass drummer) where one same performer may be registered in more than one Corps, more than one Quartet, and more than one Pipe Band as long as the played instrument does not repeat from one Corps/Quartet/Band to another. Dancers are allowed per event to also compete at the most in one Drum Corps, one Pipe Quartet, and one Pipe Band (as a piper or drummer), in accordance with the applicable rules and exceptions for those categories.

Registration Sheets will be published by the Association.

Revised (Dance Corps): May 17th, 2015

Agreed: March 18th, 2010