Candidates to be elected President must be


The President is:

  • voted by Members of the Executive Committee who have full voting rights

  • elected every two years

  • accepted with a simple majority of the votes (50%+1)

    • If after a first round of voting there is no simple majority, there will immediately be a second voting round for which the candidates will only be two the members who got the most votes in the first round.

    • If after the second round of voting there is no simple majority, the Executive Committee will

      • default to a "round table" governance model for that two-year period

      • call for new elections at the end of that two-year period

      • maintain the Officers named by the outgoing President

Roles and Responsibilities

The President:

  • is the highest authority within the Executive Committee

  • is responsible for the leadership and governance of the Association

  • represents the Association with regards to the Association's external affairs

  • names the Executive Committee Officers (among the members of the Executive Committee)

Leave of Absence

If the President must take leave of absence, the Vice President will assume the temporary position of "Acting President" until the President is able to return to office or until the President's term of office is complete, whichever occurs first.

Agreed: December 20th, 2003

1st Amendment: November 11th, 2009

3rd Amendment (Candidates, Election, Roles/Resp., Leave): September 29th, 2015