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By the late 1990s, the number of pipe bands in South America had reached six (three in Buenos Aires, two in Montevideo, and one in Sao Paulo).  In spite of the distance between pipe band hosting cities, the contact between pipe bands became frequent, and the ideas of pipe band events were also strongly supporting the need for a pipe band association.  When compared to any other pipe band association in the world, the facts indicated that this one had to be especially designed to the region’s needs.

After many months of preparation, the Association was officially inaugurated on April 17th, 2004 at the First South American Pipe Band Gathering (Montevideo, Uruguay).  This Gathering was also the region’s first event of its kind, and was based on the SPBASA’s guidelines.

SPBASA is run by representatives of each pipe band, and in some cases representatives of independent pipers and drummers of each country.

SPBASA meeting at the South American Golden Jubilee Pipe Band Gathering (October 29th, 2005).

Left to right: Rick Empson (Riverside Pipe Band), Daniel Pereira Pierce (Southern Cross Pipe Band), Cristiano Bicudo (Scottish Link Pipe Band), Ralph Tuero (SAPA Pipe Band), Freddie Santana MacKinlay (SAPA Pipe Band), Cleve Lightfoot (Andes Highlanders Pipe Band), Ralph Bennet (Andes Highlanders Pipe Band), Mike Flight (SASRP Pipe Band), Ernesto Ayling (Highland Thistle Pipe Band).