Revised Dance Corps competition rules approved

Post date: May 18, 2015 4:18:2 AM

SPBASA's Executive Committee approved on Friday a revised set of rules applicable to Dance Corps competitions, see the details listed below. These new rules will be applied for the first time at the 6th South American Pipe Band Gathering (Sao Paulo, Brazil, October 17, 2015).

Highland Thistle Pipe Band dance corps at the G4

May 15 2015 approved clauses applicable to the Dance Corps competition:

  • Rename this category to "Dance Corps". This allows for a dance corps not associated to a pipe band to compete likewise (with the assistance of a pipe band, per the requirements for this competition category).

    • Definitions > Pipe Band Dance Corps (renamed to "Dance Corps")

      • Definition: "A dance corps shall consist of not less than four performing members" (same as past definition, but deleting "pipe band")

  • Events > General > Dress Code

      • Sporran (optional for dancers)

      • Shoes, gillie brogues, or dance pumps.

    • Competition Categories> Pipe Band with Dance Corps: (renamed to "Dance Corps")

    • Corps minimum size: in accordance with the definition of a Dance Corps.

    • Dances and/or choreography: based on Highland Dancing or National Dancing (not Country Dancing).

    • Performance duration: at least 2 minutes.

    • Music source: live standard-size pipe band.

    • Music types: Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Jigs

    • Order of play:

      • Same order as for pipe bands.

      • A dance corp that is not associated to a pipe band should be drawn as if it were a pipe band.

    • Dress code:

      • per Events > General > Dress Code

        • jewelry, accessories and medals are not to be worn.

  • Adjudication > Number of Adjudicators:

    • Pipe Band with dancing Dance Corps: 1 dancing

  • Adjudication Aspects > Pipe Band with Dance Corps: (renamed to "Dance Corps")

    • Execution:

      • Timing and ensemble: dancers must place feet, arms and head in precise positions in accordance with the music (a tempo)

      • Technique and rudiments: dancers' footwork and the coordination of head, arms and hands.

      • Synchronization: the dance corps's precision of movement in unison, one with the other as a team, and the accuracy of the figures.

    • Artistic impression:

      • General deportment: dancers' ability to capture the spirit and motif of the dance, and the use of the music's structure

        • Choreography: the creative skill of composing a routine that combines artistic and technical elements.

    • Pipe band: not adjudicated in this competition category

    • Notes: The adjudication shall commence with the first beat of the first bar, and shall cease on the last beat of the last bar of the dance.

    • Paperwork > Corps/Quartet/Band registration:

      • 1st paragraph: "No person shall be allowed to compete in a Drum Corps, Pipe Quartet, Pipe Band or Dance Corps if not registered therein."

      • 3rd paragraph:

        • "Performers may be registered per event in at the most one Drum Corps, one Pipe Quartet, one Pipe Band and one Dance Corps [...]"

        • "Dancers are allowed per event to also compete at the most in one Drum Corps, one Pipe Quartet, and one Pipe Band (as a piper or drummer), in accordance with the applicable rules and exceptions for those categories"