Solo Competitions Registration Best Practices

Note: This model assumes that the number of competitors is likely to exceed the number of planned available competition time slots.


  • Slots:

    • Available competition time slots.

    • Slot duration (e.g. 10 min per slot) - consider:

      • final tuning (only for piping competitions - link)

      • actual playing time

      • MC announcements

      • competition room in/out time

      • adjudication annotation/comment time

    • Number of slots - consider:

      • competition overall start-to-finish time

      • adjudicator category final inter-consulting and placing (if applicable)

      • aggregation of final results (if placings are calculated)

      • prepare MC prize list

      • breaks between categories

  • Categories:

  • Levels:

    • See Levels

    • The breakdown into levels is optional (Event Organiser’s decision)

    • Consider number of prizes vs. number of competitors within each level and category

    • The breakdown into levels is within each League

  • Leagues:

    • see Leagues

    • The breakdown into Leagues is optional (Event Organiser’s decision)

Post-planning Process:

  1. Open Receive Requests:

    • Competitor Full Name (as registered within SPBASA)

    • Competitor Birth Year (only if using Leagues)

    • Competitor Level (only if using Levels)

      • if using self-governed levels, this is in fact Competitor Requested Level

      • N/A if using governed levels (levels to be provided separately)

    • Requested Category(ies)

  2. Preliminary Category/Slot Allocation (first-come-first-served)

  3. Requests exceeding preliminary slots in a category are wait-listed

  4. Adjust number of slots per category as needed, and move wait-listed requests to slots as possible:

    • Maximise slot utilisation

    • Maximise number of unique competitors

  5. Close Receive Requests

  6. Registration Fee Payments

  7. Close Registration process:

    • publish list of competitors for each category

    • if available and possible, also publish competition times

  8. Pre-fill & print adjudication sheets (competitor name, level, league, category).

Example of slot allocation