Selection of Adjudicators


Adjudicators must be selected from one or more of the following sources:

    • SPBASA's list of certified Adjudicators

    • Lists of approved adjudicators of piping/pipe band associations officially recognized by SPBASA

Adjudicators shall adjudicate only for what they have been certified by their home Association.

Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest is defined as an adjudicator judging any of the following:

    • family relative

    • fellow pipe band member (present or former)

    • pipe band of which the adjudicator is (or has been) a member

    • present or past pupil, instructor, mentor, or tutor.

Conflict of interest shall be avoided at all cost. However, should the adjudicators' names be disclosed at the time of registration, it is assumed that the conflict of interest is accepted by a registered competing entity.

Agreed: March 18th, 2010