The Shamrock Cup

Post date: Jun 14, 2011 3:34:42 AM

The 2011 Shamrock Cup was the first solo piping competition in South America, held last Saturday June 11th, at The Shannon Irish Pub, Montevideo, Uruguay (event details). This was a regional milestone for the competitors, for German Villar as the event organiser, and likewise for the local adjudicators Cleve Lightfoot (Chile), Sebastian Geymonat (Uruguay). As reported by Rick Empson (MC), "Camaraderie was the order of the day and the evening was enjoyed by all: players and audience alike."

Mariano Pugues, Andrew McConnell (behind Mariano), Andres Betancourt, German Villar (organiser), Freddy Santana MacKinlay, Richard Empson (MC), Cleve Lightfoot (adjudicator), Gabriel Prieto (The Shannon), Sebastian Geymonat. Not in the photo: Daniel Pereira, Guillermo Santana MacKinlay.


    • Novice:

      • 1st – Daniel Pereira

      • 2nd – Mariano Pigues

    • Open:

      • MSR

        • 1st – Freddy Santana MacKinlay

        • 2nd – Guillermo Santana MacKinlay

        • 3rd – Andrew McConnell

      • Piobaireachd

        • 1st – Guillermo Santana MacKinlay

        • 2nd – Freddy Santana MacKinlay

        • 3rd – Germán Villar

    • Solo Piper of the Day (Shamrock Cup): Freddy Santana MacKinlay