SPBASA's 5th anniversary strategic meeting

Post date: Dec 30, 2008 1:54:14 AM

December 2008 marked the 5th anniversary of SPBASA's kick-off meeting at which all South American pipe bands agreed to a Constitution and Gathering-related documents. The South American pipe band scenario has since accomplished much with three Pipe Band Gatherings, and the fourth one in the making. Great quality improvement has occurred in the overall pipe band performances, but even more valuable is the growing stimulus to improve between one Gathering and the next one.

SPBASA's main focus at present is to trace the road map for the years to come, focusing on it's original principles but looking into many steps to follow. The meeting covered ideas such as streamlining inter-band communications, soloist competitions, pipe band competitions, training local judges, the 4th and 5th Pipe Band Gatherings, new types of events and other topics.

The first part of SPBASA's meeting was held on December 28th (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and the second part is scheduled for February 2009 via teleconference.

Front row: Brian Gibson (SASRP-PB), Freddie Santana MacKinlay (SAPA), Rick Empson (RSPB), Mike Maschwitz (HTPB).

Back row. Mike Flight (SASRP-PB), Guillermo Santana MacKinlay (Indep. Argentina), Ernesto Ayling (HTPB).