The Executive Committee shall meet as often as it deems necessary, and in the form that it believes most convenient (face-to-face meetings, internet media, video conference, etc.).

At any meeting the following shall apply:

    • In the case of a decision being taken through voting, each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote (Substitutes only have voting rights when the respective Representative is not present), and these issues shall be decided upon by a simple majority of votes (more than half the number of eligible bands in agreement).

    • If a Representative and the corresponding Substitute are not able to be present at a meeting, allowance to exercise their votes by means of a Proxy will be given under the following conditions:

      • The permission granted to the Proxy must be written, and presented to the Executive Committee before the starting time of the meeting.

      • If unless specified otherwise, Proxy votes may only be exercised on specific proposals.

      • Only Association Representatives and Substitute Representatives may be Proxies.

      • Proxies may exercise the vote of only one other Association member.

  • Pipe Bands that have not participated in a voting process for more than twelve months will not be included in the count of bands that determine the majority thresholds. Bands are reinstated in the threshold count by voting.

Agreed: December 20th, 2003

November 11th, 2009: 1st Amendment

February 11th, 2016: 4th Amendment- bands not voted in one year

August 21st, 2020: 5th Amendment - Removed "quorum" definition, reworded definition of "majority"