Non-South-American Guest Players/Instructors for Pipe Bands

Pipe bands may optionally include non-South-American guest players/instructors to each corps's roster in accordance to the following:

  • "Non-South-American" is defined as not native, naturalized nor resident of a South American country.

  • Pipe band corps must first meet the respective minimum corps sizes in order to add non-South-American guest players/instructors.

  • Maximum non-South-American guest players/instructors allowed:

    • 1 piper

    • 1 snare drummer

    • 1 dancer

  • Such members need to be explicitly listed as guests/instructors in the corresponding rosters.

  • Other registration rules apply equally as for South American players.

  • Non-South-American players/instructors playing at a competition cannot perform as Pipe Major nor Drum Sergeant (or equivalent leadership roles).