Dance Corps

This competition category is inspired in the genre formed by the three-corps pipe bands, where the pipers and drummers play for their dance corps in an ensemble; for entertaining an audience with their dexterity, choreography and synchronization.

The competition requirements:

  • Corps minimum size: in accordance with the definition of a Dance Corps.

  • Dances and/or choreography: based on Highland Dancing or National Dancing (not Country Dancing).

  • Performance duration: at least 2 minutes, though not more than 4 minutes

  • Music source: live standard-size pipe band.

  • Music types: Marches, Strathspeys, Reels, Hornpipes, Jigs, slow airs/marches, piobaireachd, polkas and waltzes

Order of play:

  • Same order as for pipe bands.

  • A dance corp that is not associated to a pipe band should be drawn as if it were a pipe band.

Dress code:

  • Per Events > General > Dress Code

  • Jewelry, accessories and medals are not to be worn.

More info:

Revised: July 19th 2015 (max performance duration).

Revised: May 26th 2015 (Music types: added slow airs/marches, piobaireachd, polkas and waltzes)

Revised: May 17th 2015

Agreed: March 18th, 2010