Adjudication: Dance Corps


  • Timing and ensemble: dancers must place feet, arms and head in precise positions in accordance with the music (a tempo)

  • Technique and rudiments: dancers' footwork and the coordination of head, arms and hands.

  • Synchronization: the dance corps's precision of movement in unison, one with the other as a team, and the accuracy of the figures.

Artistic impression:

  • General deportment: dancers' ability to capture the spirit and motif of the dance, and the use of the music's structure

  • Choreography: the creative skill of composing a routine that combines artistic and technical elements.

Pipe band: not adjudicated in this competition category

Notes: The adjudication shall commence with the first beat of the first bar, and shall cease on the last beat of the last bar of the dance.

More info:

Revised May 17th 2015

Agreed: March 18th, 2010