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Gathering hosting: back-planning

This back-planning is to prioritize the milestones in the preparation of a gathering.   Note that the items on the check-list are assigned to the Event Organizers (mostly), SPBASA as well as the participating pipe bands.  This is also to be used to track the status gathering-organization project.

Approved by Gathering Advisory Committee on 10-Nov-2013
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Min monthst prior to GatheringWho?MilestoneMore infoNotes
Min monthst prior to GatheringWho?MilestoneMore infoNotes
36 SPBASA Host city, pipe band and approx dates Gathering Hosting Criteria  
18 Event Organizer Confirmed month and days   
12 Event Organizer Defined guests/adjudicators Selection of adjudicators Adjudicators are usually booked 1-2 years in advance, hence this milestone is 12 months prior to G-date 
12 Pipe Bands Approx nbr of attendees   
12 Event Organizer Confirmed venue(s) Designated areas  
12 Event Organizer Competition entity categories Competition entity categories Pipe Band, Solo Piping, Solo Drumming, etc 
12 Event Organizer Competition categories Competition categories QMM, MSR, Medley, etc. 
09 Event Organizer Massed Bands tunes Massed bands sets of tunes  
07 Pipe Bands Confirmed nbr of attendees   
06 Event Organizer Gathering go/no-go  Per G5 Reps meeting 
06 Event Organizer Guests/adjudic. air tickets   
06 Pipe Bands Attendees air tickets   
02 Event Organizer Training schedule published Events including training sessions and competitions  
02 Event Organizer Hotel and ground transportation   
01 Event Organizer Staff assigned Required staff  
01 Event Organizer Massed Bands route Maximum distance for massed bands parades  
01 Event Organizer Massed Bands formation Massed Bands formations  
00.5 Event Organizer Identifications prepared Identifications  
00.25 Event Org. & Assoc Rep. Order of play draw Order of Play  
Showing 19 items