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Competition Summaries

  • SPBASA's Competition Summary spreadsheet is published attached to this page (see below).
  • The current version of the spreadsheet applies for only QMM + Medley + Dance Corps.  The QMM and Medley results also roll-up to the overall Piping, Drumming and SPBASA Cup.

  • Blue Tabs: Must be completed by the  Event Organizer prior to the event date
  • Red Tabs: to be completed by the  Competition Steward per process below
  • Yellow cells: information must only be added to these cells
  • Gray cells: these cells contain formulas and must not be edited.

  1. Competition Summaries are completed by the Competition Steward with information from the respective Adjudication Sheets.  The information can not be disclosed until the prize giving ceremony.
  2. Immediately before the prize giving ceremony:
  3. The Association Representative must publish ( the final results within the completion of the event and two days after the event.
It is up to the Event Organizer to publish the results beyond the time frame of the event (e.g. event website).

More info:

Agreed: March 18th, 2010
Michael Flight,
Oct 24, 2015, 2:50 PM