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  • Appointments: each member pipe band must appoint persons to cover the roles required by SBPASA's Constitution or the Executive Committee, and immediately inform the SPBASA's Executive Committee of any changes in these appointments.
  • Representatives: each member pipe band must appoint one Representative and optionally one Substitute Representative to be part of SPBASA's Executive Committee.  Pipe band Representatives and Substitute Representatives must be active or former members of the respective pipe band's piping or drumming corps.
  • Member RegistrationSPBASA member pipe bands are required to provide a complete list of fully equipped active pipers and drummers, on a yearly basis.  SPBASA's Executive Committee will determine the time-frame for this annual requirement.  Should such list of any member band during the year change and in such way that it has an impact on its voting rights, it is expected that the same member band will immediately inform the Executive Committee.
  • Monetary: each member pipe band must pay all monetary obligations as determined by SPBASA's Executive Committee.
  • Discipline: all members (groups and individuals) must abide to the Association’s Code of Conduct
December 20th, 2003: Agreed
November 11th, 2009: 1st Amendment
September 14th 2020: Discipline
May 4th 2021: Moved Member Registration from Membership to Obligations.
May 4th 2021: Moved Representatives from Rights to Obligations (changed "...has the right to appoint..." to "...must appoint...")