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  • Application: Eligible pipe bands can apply for membership only once every 12 months.
  • Acceptance: Membership of new pipe bands must be accepted by at least 60% of the SPBASA's Executive Committee.
  • Focus: Membership applies only for piping (Great Highland Bagpipe) and pipe band drumming topics.  No time or effort must be allocated to any other activity.
  • Member registrationSPBASA member pipe bands are required to provide a complete list of fully equipped active pipers and drummers, on a yearly basis.  SPBASA's Executive Committee will determine the time-frame for this annual requirement.  Should such list of any member band during the year change and in such way that it has an impact on its voting rights, it is expected that the same member band will immediately inform the Executive Committee. 
  • Number of fully equipped active performers: Should a member pipe band's number of pipers and drummers ever fall below SPBASA's membership eligibility minimum number of fully equipped active performers, it will lose SPBASA voting rights while still retaining all other rights and obligations.  Member pipe bands will remain in this condition until they achieve SPBASA's required minimum pipe band size.
Agreed: December 20th, 2003
1st Amendment: November 11th, 2009
Member registration (time-frame) updated July 21st 2020